Networked Narratives 2021: Post Pandemic University

Emphasizing creativity and production-centered forms of learning, “Networked Narratives” (a.k.a. #NetNarr) is a playful connected learning environment for building digital skills and literacies.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed everything for everybody. As we struggle to continue learning in this context, an urgency about understanding our online lives (now truly our real lives?) has taken the foreground. While the playful spirit of #NetNarr always lives on, we will use this year’s collaboratory to focus profoundly on the ways we are shaped both individually and societally by technologies of surveillance, data mining, and algorithmic influence. We will ask questions about the role of care, digital citizenship and digital wellbeing, and the way we can build meaningful online community. And we will turn a proverbial page from last year’s examination of the Net Mirror to imagine a post-pandemic future for learning. Together, we dare to envision a new path forward.

Many students that are starting their path in higher education do not have a “normal” to re-cast as “new”. By default, they are at the leading edge of change, documenting, questioning, and shaping a future of education shrouded in uncertainty. As we look into the “Net Mirror” we will grapple with what is reflected back, and together, we will imagine a meaningful future for education. (learn more…)

What’s Happening

Course Updates

by Dr Zamora

    The Internet’s Good, Bad, & Ugly

    Thanks for another great evening of discussion and deliberation, and thanks to Kevin for opening up a broader discussion of the open web. By thinking through some of the issues that dana boyd brought to our attention in her On Being podcast, we started down our own #netnarr chat-path, with many loose stands of thought, […]


Making Media

by Professor Levine

    Sounds Like an Exquisite PPU Story

    Sound is so critical and often underappreciated in media storytelling, but it’s often subtle- background sounds that provide a setting, the slam of a door or the gentle crunching of foot steps approaching a door. Today’s message is via audio, the typical recording of me speaking, but consider how you might even tell a story […]





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    Here is my response/translation:
  • by wentale
    class existsThe class exists / in our imagination / a gathering across spaces / creating lines of flight / as birds spread their wings / grazing wind drifts. The class is existential / yet moving and dynamic / coating our cortex lightly / as much as our neurons can handle. With a video version here […]
  • by cogdog
    Post Pandemic UniversityWelcome to PPU. Is anyone put there in Annotation land? I've always had high hopes for using web annotation as a semi secret conversation layer or even a narrative layer, not just for making notes on readings. We are not sure how much we will use it with the Kean students, but alway […]