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  • Law enforcement surveillance isn’t always secret. These technologies can be discovered in news articles and government meeting agendas, in company press releases and social media posts. It just hasn’t been aggregated before. That’s the starting point for the Atlas of Surveillance, a collaborative effort between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the University of Nevada, Reno Reynolds School of Journalism. Through a combination of crowdsourcing and data journalism, we are creating the largest-ever repository of information on which law enforcement agencies are using what […]
  • In the 1860s and 1870s, after years of resistance, most western Native Americans were forced to settle onto ever-shrinking pieces of land created by the United States government to relocate, contain, and separate them. Native Americans were colonized peoples living on reservations, which, the US government hoped, would keep them away from each other and from the white populations coursing through the Plains. Despite this colonial control and confinement, Native Americans were able to remain mobile in the late nineteenth century. This tenacious […]
  • Curated by Nick Montfort, poet and MIT professor of digital media, the Generative Unfoldings exhibition consists of fourteen generative software artworks, running live in the browser. They were commissioned by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) and co-presented by the MIT Trope Tank in conjunction with the 2021 CAST Symposium, “Unfolding Intelligence.” Read more. These works are designed for, and best viewed on, desktop or laptop computers
  • In 2019, I made a painful decision. But to the algorithms that drive Facebook, Pinterest, and a million other apps, I'm forever getting married.
  • A few weeks ago, I published what I thought at the time was a fairly innocuous article: How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code. I’ll admit — it was a rather click-bait claim. I was essentially saying that I’d reproduced the same license plate scanning and validating technology that the police in Victoria, Australia had just paid $86 million for. Since then, the reactions have been overwhelming. My article received over 100,000 hits in the first day, and […]
  • From just a short glance at a video, we can often tell whether a person's action is intentional or not. Can we train a model to recognize this? We introduce a dataset of in-the-wild videos of unintentional action, as well as a suite of tasks for recognizing, localizing, and anticipating its onset. We train a supervised neural network as a baseline and analyze its performance compared to human consistency on the tasks. We also investigate self-supervised representations that leverage natural signals in our […]
  • Artificial intelligence is a topic of mystery, wonder, and endless possibilities for many. Despite all the recent hype, AI remains elusive to the general public and is often shrouded in misconceptions. In an attempt to make AI technology more accessible to the average person, developers worldwide are creating more and more online AI experiments and opening them to the public. Through pictures, music, drawings and more, these demos show off the creative capacity of machine learning technology not typically covered in the media. […]
  • This site uses AI to understand what's in your photo, then makes a strange poster out of it
  • Choose your favorite Twitter account and train a language model to write new tweets based on their unique voice in just 5 minutes.
  • Asked my students to do stats memes for extra credit and *was not disappointed*.

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