Searching for Hope

Ruha Benjamin’s “Catching Our Breath: Critical Race STS and the Carceral Imagination” continues last week’s conversation regarding the biases and discrimination one faces due to technology. The question “Why didn’t sociologists foresee the explosion of collective action of Negro Americans toward immediate and full integration in American society” struck me. When reading classmate’s blogs, it […]

Ch 10: Race & Technology Miscellaneous

Can You See Me?

Joy Buolamwini’s TED Talk “How I am fighting algorithms with bias” discusses the biases and discriminatory encounters that individuals of color face when using technology. It is disheartening that we are in 2021, and we have yet to find recognition software that can detect diverse faces. Buloamwini provided her experiences with completing assignments during her […]


“Privacy Is Not Private”

In this week’s blog post, I will focus more on Shoshana Zuboff’s “Surveillance capitalism’ and how companies are always watching us.” One may think that there is not much more to discuss in regards to artificial intelligence, automated diaries, algorithms, etc., but I found that Zuboff touched on a crucial point that has yet to […]

Ch 8: The Attention Economy as Dystopia

Behind the Scenes of a Like on Facebook

I do not know the correct term for the feeling I have after seeing an advertisement that relates to my search history. It does not irritate me as I know everyone that uses technology experiences this. I am not sure if I was going crazy at the time. Still, I can recall having a conversation […]

Ch 7: Seeing Ourselves

Being Watched While Being a Queen

Daily Creates  “You’re turning into a chess piece. Which one will you become? Show us an intermediate stage of your change process.” This is why I enjoy the daily creates. It gets my mind off of the stressful tasks in my life and allows me to have fun, random thoughts! To answer the question, I […]

Ch 6: The Zoom Gaze

How Do I Look? Tired. How Do I Feel? Tired.

While beginning virtual learning, I always thought to myself, “Why does this feel much harder than if classes were in person?” To this day, I am still wondering why. When reading “The Zoom Gaze” and “Why We’re Exhausted by Zoom,” it was clear that others hold the same sentiments as me. The first half of […]

Ch 5: Digital Wellbeing & Detox

Three Sides to a Story (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

I know numerous individuals who have gotten story ideas from their surroundings. During the holiday season, before COVID-19 hit, my family and I would go to the mall to complete last-minute Christmas shopping but also to watch individuals scatter around. Often, we begin to create life stories for the individuals we see and add to […]

Ch 4: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Hybrid Hospitality

While reading “Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialogue: The context of virtually connecting” I found that this is an article that educators should read. As we have now reached a full year of virtual instruction, one may believe that they are aware of the difficulties that hybrid instruction brings, but it is clear that […]

Ch 3: The Care Gap

Do You Really Care?

I immediately resonated with the opening paragraph of Gabriela Saldanha’s, “The Post Pandemic University and the Caring Gap.” As lockdown began, I can recall scrolling through my social media accounts only to continuously view others stating, “this is the time to find yourself,” “you have no excuse to not tackle the new hobby you’ve always […]

Ch 1: Introductions

An Interesting Ride

When scheduling my courses for the Spring 2021 semester, I was unsure of what I wanted my third class to be. Truly speaking, I was confused about what this class would entail. When Dr. Zamora provided us insight last semester, I didn’t know if this course would be the right fit for me. I then […]