Ch 05: Digital Wellbeing & Detox

A Whole New World

Danah Boyd mentioned some valid points in “The Internet of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. “ She and I grew up in the same era and I could relate to her experiences with the birth of the internet. In 1990, I was a freshman at Seton Hall University and the only technology we […]

Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality Miscellaneous

Daily Create- A Droodle

@ds106dc #tdc3318 My response for Today's #ds106 Daily Create is: Since we are breeding everything with poodles these days, why not breed the last surviving dragon from Game of Thrones with a poodle = Droodle — SheilaK (@SheilaK00283745) February 11, 2021

Ch 03: The Care Gap

Sharing is Caring?

After reading the article on “The Post Pandemic University and the Caring Gap” by Gabriela Saldanha, I could see her point of view on the carers vs non-carers and a distinct gap in between. My stepdaughter is now out of the house and 20 yrs old however when she lived with us during her freshman […]

Ch 02: PPU and Microfiction Miscellaneous

Endless Possibilities