Ch 12: Pandemic Take Aways

Culminating Community as A“gen”t Z

For the last blog (which really is the last blog this time, I promise), we end off this semester by recognizing a relationship between a generation and the CO-VID 19 pandemic. A TED Talk by Darcy Dixon highlights the impact of this tragic and life-changing pandemic and how the Gen Z has been affected a […]

Ch 11: #Againstsurveillance

Us vs. Them

In a world where internet has taken over the majority, if not everyone’s lives, there is still discussion about privacy. Privacy on a platform where once something is put up, will most likely be available for people to see (depending on who they are of course). Tracy Zhang led the research and writing on the […]


I Can’t Breathe…

Ruha Benjamin from Princeton University discussed a sensitive but unfortunate reality that has become more real now than ever before. Science and technology is at an all-time high now, especially with the constant innovations of various technologies being used to understand humans better. But the question arises, are these creations helping or hurting the society […]

Ch 10: Race & Technology Miscellaneous

The Coded Gaze

This week’s blog is all about MIT graduate student Joy Buolamwini’s journey and realization in the world of algorithmic bias. One would assume that bias can only occur with sectors such as jobs, education, etc. but unfortunately, with the need for software’s comes the issues of skin color and the lack of inclusion. Buolamwini worked […]

Ch 09: Surveillance Capitalism

Big Gaps, Big Data, Big Problems

Shoshana Zuboff really honestly and bluntly talked about the dangers of surveillance capitalism, which is this week’s new post-pandemic university concern. She has done several talks, interviews and articles on the surveillance capitalism and how with the big data, comes big problems. Surveillance capitalism is a huge issue today, what will all the obsession and […]

Ch 08: The Attention Economy as Dystopia

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Us Artificial

For this week, instead of an article, I am going to focus on a Ted Talk. A Ted Talk spoken by Zeynep Tufkeci, a speaker who highlights the unfortunate events of modern-day society as a result of artificial intelligence. It is not creating havoc within the human world, but it is making a dystopia out […]

Ch 07: Seeing Ourselves

Automated “Me”

Remember those days when people actually took out the time to write things and not just have technology do everything for them? seems like ages ago. To be honest, I miss those days. When each of us had that excitement to write down in our diaries what we had done, or put an effort […]

Ch 06: The Zoom Gaze

Mirror, Mirror On My Zoom

People don’t only have mirrors in their bedrooms, bathrooms or hallways. Honestly, people will make anything a mirror, to ensure that they (before anything else), look good and presentable to the other people. One would think that with the pandemic and a tiny amount of in-person interaction compared to before occurring, appearance wouldn’t be the […]

Ch 05: Digital Wellbeing & Detox

Heads or Tails?

The reality of the internet has finally come to light this past year. With the global pandemic, no one really noticed the flaws, perks and various angles of the internet. But so much has happened and some of it had been calmed, instigated and balanced with the help of social media and information at your […]

Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Connect in a Time of Disconnection

Virtual connection is definitely not the same as an in-person connection. So why would it be useful? Maybe for conferences with attendees that can’t physically attend…that would be the best reason right? But what about when the whole world gets caught up in a diseased and deadly storm, when gestures of love and intimacy are […]