Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Strength of Community

Going off the reading list in the semester (I’m hoping I got this right), I spent a bit of time going through Equity Unbound’s OneHE site. It’s an open educational resources page spearheaded by many different people (including Dr. Zamora!) I feel this was an appropriate and welcoming transition from last class’s theme of caring […]

Ch 02: PPU and Microfiction Field Notes

Reactions and (W)ritings

So for this week, I’m structuring my blog posts in two halves. The first will be a reaction to reading this week’s reading, and the second I will be sharing a few of my writings based on our pertaining to short writing. To start off with, I enjoyed the information The Post-Pandemic University and the […]

Ch 01: Introductions

First Big Leap into the Unknown

Stepping into a world of written media is not new to me. I’ve dedicated a large part of my life being buried under heaps of words, idioms, metaphors, sentences and the like. It’s the reason why I chose to to pursue a degree in writing, in addition to a visual arts one. I try and […]