Ch 12: Pandemic Take Aways

Moving Beyond Lockdown

As I read the article, I cannot help but appreciate the insights put together by the author. For a long time, introverts are misunderstood and overlooked. They are seen as weird members of society who have a world only they can understand. This is a painful judgment from the people who feel superior over the […]

Ch 11: #Againstsurveillance

Push Back

The invasive proctoring apps have not only been a danger to privacy groups but also students. Jason posits that numerous petitions have been signed across the nation and world where students have been pushing teachers and school administrators to consider what the app is creating. Schools have to consider this degree of organized activism where […]

Ch 09: Surveillance Capitalism Ch 10: Race & Technology Miscellaneous

Off Topic

Greetings to all eyes that have fell upon this blog. I wanted to take a little bit of time to offer each of you some advice. I know, advice is like opinions and everyone has one. There is another saying, but it’s language is inappropriate for the intended purpose. I ask that you please be […]

Ch 09: Surveillance Capitalism


In the video, Zuboff explained the concept of surveillance capitalism, how it has diverted away from the actual significance that it used to be, disseminated across sectors, and affecting everyone who does not understand the new logic behind it. Talking about it, Zuboff concluded that surveillance capitalism is now a new form of capitalism that […]

Ch 08: The Attention Economy as Dystopia

They are Watching & Listening

In the TED talk entitled We’re Building a Dystopia Just to Make People Click on Ads, Zeynep Tufekci uses her expertise as a techno-sociologist to elaborate how the use of Artificial Intelligence by different social media platforms has changed drastically over time. Tufekci demonstrates how this change in personalized A.I also implies greater risks and […]

Ch 07: Seeing Ourselves

I See Me

Chapter four, “Automated Diaries” in Rettberg’s Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, explores and discusses: how our technological devices keep track of nearly all of our information and store them, how do the apps manage to raise our attention by the specific way they represent our “stored data” to us and, How do these devices and apps […]

Ch 06: The Zoom Gaze

Gazed & Confused

The best element of this article is the term it comes out with in what is becoming a rapidly increasing tradition of giving a human-like treatment to technological tools. Despite that the argument appears the exact opposite to this, it is rather intriguing that the author decides to defend human interaction by anthropomorphizing a computer […]

Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Who Cares’?

It was nice to kick off our journey into the PPU. I feel like we all took something away from the messages that were being given to us. I thank each of you for your time, patience and empathy as we went through the information about the careers gap. Could I ask each of you […]

Ch 03: The Care Gap


I hope all of you are doing well and not in pain from having to ‘shovel out’. So we are kicking things off with an in-depth issue that our society has faced for a very long time, gender pay gaps. Gabriela Saldanha has added her thoughts on how it is affecting carers and non-carers through […]