Searching for Hope

Ruha Benjamin’s “Catching Our Breath: Critical Race STS and the Carceral Imagination” continues last week’s conversation regarding the biases and discrimination one faces due to technology. The question “Why didn’t sociologists foresee the explosion of collective action of Negro Americans toward immediate and full integration in American society” struck me. When reading classmate’s blogs, it was mentioned that Benjamin “makes a strong point against sociologists who did not pay enough attention towards fights for racial equality. If sociologists want to study and understand how human society is developing, is this not an idea movement to keep track of?” I think this is a question that needs to be asked, but one must also consider if sociologists are ignoring these matters? Last week, it was discussed that there is a need for more people of color in specific fields to ensure issues are being addressed and not overlooked. With the advancement of technology, specific individuals begin to become targeted. In reference to the spirometer, how is it that individuals are not receiving the same medical care while on the job? African Americans must work themselves to the point of burnout to be considered for equal worker’s compensation. The racial injustice that individuals face does not stop at one’s place of work. When looking to receive assistance at higher places of power such as the courtroom, rather than receiving justice one faces criminal charges. It is mindboggling to know that Mr. Henry Davis had to pay for an incident that could have been avoided. There are numerous people of color to this day who are wrongfully accused. Often society discusses the changes that need to occur, but I begin to wonder where does one start? The injustice is rooted in individuals and their upbringing. Individuals can change those beliefs but chose not to, and the technology is only worsening the concern.

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