Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Hybrid Hospitality

While reading “Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialogue: The context of virtually connecting” I found that this is an article that educators should read. As we have now reached a full year of virtual instruction, one may believe that they are aware of the difficulties that hybrid instruction brings, but it is clear that some are aware yet tend to dismiss the difficulties. As we begin to reopen, the article discusses the challenges in hybrid settings and the push that VConnecting has to ensure there is hospitality to both settings. What struck me was the realization that “Equal access does not result in equal outcomes and inviting people to participate is not equity without parity of participation.” Although the invitation may be extended, individuals do not always have the tools and/or knowledge to navigate a virtual setting leaving me to still be left out. Although I am grateful for the knowledge of knowing how to navigate online instruction, I am still experiencing setbacks in regards to not speaking up or even caring too much about how I appear on camera which sounds bizarre. On the other hand, there are benefits to virtual settings as pre-pandemic when a conference or event was hosted in person there was not an option to provide a virtual way of attending. Now, individuals who have transportation issues and/or family obligations will be able to attend. VConnecting aims to bring the two settings together, but perhaps, I began to become confused. The addition of buddies was mentioned in the later of the text therefore perhaps this was the provided solution. 

While reviewing Professor Levine’s post, it allowed me to come to a realization that I often need to sit down and reflect or simply enjoy the small things. The Daily Create that I received involved users creating a droodle.I cannot draw, but if I could I would utilize the words drinkable + snickerdoodle t create droodle or maybe driveable + labradoodle = droodle. I am not entirely sure if I understood with Daily Create, but from veiwing examples I believe I am on the right track!

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