Ch 03: The Care Gap

Caring Gap

This reading was a great way for us to begin our journey. It, in my opinion, was able to tackle some major concepts early and I know we are going to do a much deeper dive off of this and go on some welcome tangents in order for us to see exactly how these things effect us today, especially in the connected world we live in. The gap between carers and non carers was something that I never explicitly thought about these topics, but more as an observation. Broadly, I am sure we have all heard this question before. “Why does a person who can throw a ball or run fast make more than a person who can preform a surgery or care for our children? Why do entertainers make more than those who are responsible for making sure that people can rehab from their injuries?” Technically, I understand revenues and how that drives what the labor is paid, but it raises a very interesting question about who we are as a society and what we value. The prestige idea is coupled with this perfectly as well. We offer people who are typically not carers a ton of praise and status for the things that they do. When someone wins the Superbowl (Go Bucs!), wins an Oscar or a grammy, but carers essentially have to come up with their own day, week, or month to be celebrated. There is a lot more to unpack, and I look forward to having Ryan lead the way!

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