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A Step into the Unknown

Back to blogging, back to familiar territory. NetNarr is not a class I thought I would take. To be honest, I registered as a last minute course. Being a Bachelors in Elementary Education, I was keen on taking a graduate course in multilingualism for school but then a week before the semester started, I was made to realize that it was definitely not the course for me. It would force me to revisit things that I was over with; emotionally and physically over with . And for my graduate courses, it should be interesting to me; it shouldn’t make me feel like I have a sense of obligation. NetNarr was a course that I took because it deals with new media, and especially in this time in age, it’s definitely useful to have a background in technology and media. Hey, who knows when it will come handy? But with Dr. Zamora as the instructor, I didn’t feel nervous or scared taking this subject. Is it new to me? Definitely. Do I know exactly where this class would lead to? Of course not. Am I stepping into the unknown? No doubt about that, but with a cohort that I am comfortable with and have a good relationship with, what’s there to fear?

I am definitely heading down some kind of path but with everyone by my side, I have no worry whatsoever. Before the semester started, I got a job as a long-term substitute teacher for a Kindergarten teacher on maternity leave. And to be honest, I didn’t really feel ready. I always had a mentor or a teacher in the classroom to guide me for long amounts of time but this time I knew it would be all me. I would head the class for the next 5 1/2 months and prove if I am really ready to teach a whole class. My Bachelors is there, of course, but practical experience easily makes you doubt yourself and makes you wonder if your preparation was truly worthwhile. I now have a class that’s mine (but not really mine). But I couldn’t let my doubts get the best of me because a teacher, staff and principal gave me this position with high expectations and trust. I felt honored but I also felt pressurized with unpredictability.

This past year has been unpredictability in the flash. A global pandemic, racial riots, death, virtual everything, domestic terrorism, etc. Just when you think things can’t get worse, something out there decides to prove you wrong. 2020 was a year that no one could have seen coming, but now we are in it, and we are living every moment, every day. Technology helped us deal with this situation and gave us a sense of hope that things can still continue in some way or form. NetNarr gives us the “behind the scenes” of this man-made invention that pulled, and continues to pull us through, these series of events. And it’s taught me a lot too. I mean, hey, if I can step into 2020 without any sight of the darkness headed our way, if I can step into virtual learning and teaching without any prior experience, and make it out from both well and strong, then I guess it’s fair to say that stepping into the unknown has its own sense of fun, thrill and excitement. NetNarr, here I come!

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Jessie, I’m so glad you decided to take this course! Even though it’s going to be a completely new and different experience, I agree that going through it with such a supportive cohort makes everything feel a lot less nerve wracking. I’m also so excited to hear that you got a long term sub position! After taking classes with you last semester, I can tell you’re going to do an excellent job. Before getting my current full time teaching job, I spent a year as a long term sub, so if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out! Subbing is tough, and I can imagine it’s even crazier now that everything is virtual. I’ve never taught kindergarten, and I’m still learning new things about teaching myself, but I’m there if you ever just need someone to talk to!

“Technology helped us deal with this situation and gave us a sense of hope that things can still continue in some way or form. ”
Always keep that hope and light alive … even if Mia and Alan bring you/us down some dark corners of the mirrored world.

Hi Jessie, I’m one of the open participants in this course. I’ve returned again and again. Partly because I learn stuff and have fun but also because I trust the educator’s Mia and Prof Alan Levine. Look forward to reading more posts.

Jessie, I love your openness to what is to come even though a lot of what has been has been dark and disappointing. I know you have been impacted in many ways with your education and educating during this pandemic so I have appreciated your perspective on multiple levels. You brought such a beautiful and thoughtful perspective to the pandemic last semester with your e-lit piece, so I am excited to see what you bring to this class and our conversations about what lies ahead. 🙂

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