Prepping for the final

I’m going to enjoy the concept of the final project, having to write a short-written piece based on the overall theme we’ve been following all semester. We have the guidelines, the parameters, the theming (technology in an academic setting), and the allotted time to do so.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything creative, I’ve had to put that aside as I’ve worked on other pursuits of life. I am happy to say that coming back to this approach and dusting off old methods of what I’ve done.

The rule of having it shortened to a select amount of words might seem daunting, but I love the encouragement of the restriction. In my experience, restrictions can breed creativity as it encourages the creator to find solutions to problems that wouldn’t occur with free reign. It’s nice to have a lot of power in working with something, but it can be daunting to find a way to start if everything is given to you. Working your way from one side and seeing how everything interacts and works is a fascinating feeling I get when I create and I’m looking forward to trying again.

I do not have a set synopsis yet, but in my breakout room we’ve discussed quite a bit of good details to consider. I might want to choose a path that includes having access to one’s interests and feelings of something without that information being disclosed before. It’s something that can occur with how much info is out in the open that we’re not aware of.

I remember back in Rutgers, I’ve received many many emails from Latin communities asking for this and that, which always baffled me as I never disclosed my ethnicity on record. My last name came from Italy and my first can be traced to any other country, so having my name doesn’t give a lot to look at. I’m not ashamed of my culture, far from it. I just avoid using labels as it creates frustration for me. I hate assumptions, and I never want to be defined as something when I know I can be much more. The emails they sent me always had a feeling of them wanting me solely based on my background and not what else forms me. It feels restricting to think of, even more so because I never told anyone that.

I’d definitely consider using this as a template of sorts because it can open doors for discussion on record information, and with my own personal experience and opinions on it, I feel I can inject a bit more personality into it.

I have nothing concrete at the moment, but I have an idea and direction. That at least gives me something to work with as I form something for our next discussion. It will be a fun challenge to say all that I want to say in a brief narrative, but it invites experimentation which is something I always welcome. That being said, it’s just an idea now, so no assumptions as to where I’ll go next thank you.

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