Ch 11: #Againstsurveillance Miscellaneous

Against Surveillance

For next week’s class, I’ve looked into and will try and present information regarding students fighting back against surveillance apps in their classes.

I knew a bit of what went into these programs, but I also found myself falling down a rabbit hole learning about what more is there. Most of what I found is alarming, and something that shouldn’t be a thing when it is something that is benefitting virtual schools in a time where we really need it.

I’m curious to see what some colleagues have to say about it as they have teaching experiences behind them. There is a lot more to ask about rather than me present, so I’m hoping for an engaged conversation during my presentation.

I’m trying to avoid as saying much so that I have something to present for class, but I would like to point out how it connects to previous discussion regarding profiling AIs and the effects it has on minority students. There is a lot of damage that could occur if proper care isn’t being utilized, so this reading really spoke to me. Students Are Pushing Back Against Proctoring Surveillance Apps provided excellent examples and evidence of how it affects student life and what some are doing to push against it. It’s disheartening because of the benefit of the technology is there, but it also leaves itself widely vulnerable to negative issues.

I’ll also be leaving a link to my presentation here so that others can check it out and see how much I learned from it.

(I also heavily apologize again for the severe lack of engagement with this blog post this time. Tragedy is occurring within my family and we’re all reeling from it. I ask for patience once my presentation occurs because I am really not going through a good time right now.)

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