Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Strength of Community

Going off the reading list in the semester (I’m hoping I got this right), I spent a bit of time going through Equity Unbound’s OneHE site. It’s an open educational resources page spearheaded by many different people (including Dr. Zamora!)

I feel this was an appropriate and welcoming transition from last class’s theme of caring (or uncaring). It’s important to foster a welcome community of any sorts and provide them valuable tools to succeed, especially in this period of time where unity is crucial.

It seems like it’s an open-source page, where contributions from both poster and reader is key to ensure that the techniques and exercises found within can benefit those who take part. Everything looks to be approachable with video guidelines and written information, and the fact that it can be accessed by anyone is better.

The act of unity is very important to me. I work at a printshop called Frontline Arts, a nonprofit studio/gallery that aids in helping veterans find a place to make art and foster a loving community. This page remind me of my job there because everyone is contributing something to help others, even if those people aren’t employees. We have an environment of nurturing, laughs, struggles and friendships that would not have been possible if people didn’t want to help others. To me that is a symbol of community, and I’m floored after seeing this page.

Of course, some things have caught my eye here. “Collaborative Storytelling” and “Conversation Cafe” are at least two of several pages that I found myself exploring. I’m not sure how much I can really say would benefit me in the long run (as most things here seem more geared towards education), but nonetheless education is vital in any shape or form so I’m sure I can grasp at a few concepts and have it improve me.

The openness of this site is an important one after we’ve discussed the concepts of caring or the lack thereof in most spaces today. I imagine most if not all of us have felt alienated in some capacity, so this page is important in its concept. I’m still annoyed that caring isn’t more commonplace in areas but unfortunately that is the reality of things now. What I am happy about though is that there are many more people who share the same ideas I have about looking out for one another and making people feel welcomed, whether it’s Frontline Arts or Equity Unbound.

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I didn’t realize the art studio you worked at does this kind of work! What an amazing resource. I can see how the connection between these tools of connection and caring would relate to your experience of art and community among the group at your work.

I think that is a good question about how these tools could be used beyond the classroom, and maybe I’ll try to address that some tomorrow in my presentation. Mostly, I think you captured the ways it can be applied in that it fosters a practice of caring and community that can be carried out into the non-academic world.

Thank you Amber. Yes the work I do here in this group is very important to me, it is a place of commitment and assistance which is why the act of care is important to me and one that I am happy we are discussing as a class.

That is something I am looking forward to tomorrow. We all come from different backgrounds so we can possibly evaluate how this can extend pass the parameters of the class.

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