Ch 01: Introductions

First Big Leap into the Unknown

Connections by Hugo Gatica, serigraph print 2020

Stepping into a world of written media is not new to me. I’ve dedicated a large part of my life being buried under heaps of words, idioms, metaphors, sentences and the like. It’s the reason why I chose to to pursue a degree in writing, in addition to a visual arts one. I try and see artistic value in many aspects of life as I can, so my journey as an artist is to find my place in the very thin line between art and writing and find my sense of belonging there.

It is a journey of unfamiliarity, pioneering into something outside my comfort zone to find meaning-making and taking away a new sense of self. I say all this because this is how I feel about this class, if the first session is anything to go by. It is structured like a normal course, reminding me of certain elements from the classes I took last year. Where it differs is how much agency we as students have in this, where the course will be shaped and molded by our contributions and ideas, and it can go in any direction it well pleases. I’ve had my fair share of relying on independency to navigate through something, but this class asks of us to do this with a group of varying minds to make sense of this new place of ours.

This pandemic is yet another unknown we have been trekking through. A year has almost passed and we are still uncertain as to where we are and what lies ahead. I feel this class came at a perfect moment as we can work together to craft new perspectives and come out as new people.

I couldn’t have asked a better community of scholars to take this journey with, as well as embracing the newest members of our writing family as one of our own. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting very interesting people and I know for certain that this course will provide more material that challenges and shapes my opinions.

This class relies heavily on collaboration and engagement, I see that as a main central aspect of what is to come.

This is why I wanted to share my art print above, Connections. I created this piece to make sense of the isolation and uncertainty within myself. Each tower represents an individual mind standing firm in a sea of dark uncertainty. Two colors illustrate the many facets we carry as people. But towers stand firmer when connected with another, so bridges must be formed to another to help another stand tall. We might never know everything that life throws at us, but it’s best to reach out and connect with others so that we might navigate uncertainty together. I felt it was appropriate sharing this image of mine as my first post and my response of this class.

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I for one am excited to see, Hugo, your first expression of writing connected to an expression in imagery, especially art of your own making. An excellent start! At first I saw it escher like, but no mind mending paths. It’s also encouraging to me that none of the towers are un-connected and that it hints at many more from the bridges that exit the frame of view.

It would make me curious as to how the connections are made. Are they co-initiated? Or is it one tower’s interest to connect?

Keep on this path!

Thank you for your kind words!

I actually haven’t considered the nature of the connections, but I will say that your response has me think more about what it is I made? I can’t say that I had a specific idea in mind, but perhaps it’s good as is because it allowed for a new perspective?


You made a perfect intro for the class, Hugo. I really appreciate your insight, and I agree that it will be interesting to work in this collaborative and creative structure. I LOVE the imagery (literally and figuratively) of the towers and the isolation, but yet the bridges that connect us to each other. I think that perfectly captures life in general, but this version of life in the pandemic where we are all trying to connect via Zoom. I’m excited to be back in class with you and look forward to seeing what else you have to say this semester!

Thank you as usual for your kind words and thoughts. It’s going to be a pleasure working alongside you again this semester and I’m looking forward to what you have to say!

As someone who’s always been interested in art, but never studied it formally (other than my high school art classes and the odd art history class in college), I always love hearing your uniquely artistic perspective! I think visual art and writing are disciplines that can really complement each other. Your artwork and the meaning behind it is a great example of the connections between the two fields, and it fits with the theme of this course so well. (It even matches the site’s color scheme!) I really look forward to seeing what else you create this semester, whether it be through art or through words.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m looking forward to working with you and everyone else this semester

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