Ch 12: Pandemic Take Aways

Moving Beyond Lockdown

As I read the article, I cannot help but appreciate the insights put together by the author. For a long time, introverts are misunderstood and overlooked. They are seen as weird members of society who have a world only they can understand. This is a painful judgment from the people who feel superior over the others just because they can express themselves socially. But the stigma has to end now.

I admire how this article shed enlightenment to the readers about introverts. Yes, they are self-monitoring individuals who are keen observers of the space around them. They may seem off most of the time but that does not mean they are lost or not learning at all. They are calm, organized, and can recharge by themselves. This time of new normal has been a blessing for introverts, especially the students. Like water, introverts have the will to go wherever they want to, without having to bear the pressure and standards of society. Online distance learning eases the anxiety to participate in a class or speak in front of everyone. They can learn at their own pace without feeling the need to compete with others. Since this mode of learning is flexible and mostly solitary, they have an ample amount of time to cultivate themselves. Indeed, this is the right time for them to grow in the areas they are talented at.

However, I oppose what Frank Chow said that introverts may come up with challenges in the future in reinstating themselves into societies after this lockdown. Because the truth is, introverts do not need to forcefully integrate themselves into a society that does not fully understand them. After all, introverts do not need a network of connections. They only need a few people who can acknowledge them and see their potentials in life. And I guess, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we both need the latter.

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