Ch 04: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

Who Cares’?

It was nice to kick off our journey into the PPU. I feel like we all took something away from the messages that were being given to us. I thank each of you for your time, patience and empathy as we went through the information about the careers gap. Could I ask each of you to provide me with feedback on the journey we took last week.

What did you like about the journey? Was there anything that you didn’t like? Any specific comments on how it could have been better?

I’m excited to see this conversation grow this week as Amber covers her section. Attached are two of my Word Art pieces that was completed throughout the week. I’ve enjoyed playing around with them.

One reply on “Who Cares’?”

I can’t really think of anything that was wrong with it, you did a great job of breaking down the material and presenting it. I am really pleased at how well our two presentations will run into each other. Yours set me up pretty well for the conversation we will have tonight. 🙂

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