Ch 03: The Care Gap


I hope all of you are doing well and not in pain from having to ‘shovel out’. So we are kicking things off with an in-depth issue that our society has faced for a very long time, gender pay gaps. Gabriela Saldanha has added her thoughts on how it is affecting carers and non-carers through the pandemic.

Please take a moment to read my in depth review of her contribution to the Post Pandemic University and the Caring Gap. I look forward to being the first pathfinder for our journey tomorrow.

The first attachment, will be my review and the second is the path we will be taking.

One reply on “Gaps”

As I have just tweeted, I believe it is a fitting testament – to you Ryan – that your chose to center CARE and the question of the “care gap” as a way to kick off our #netnarr pathfinders series! I am sure I discussion will be rich and important to our overall thinking about learning, during and after the pandemic. I am really looking forward to our class this evening. xo -Dr. Zamora

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