Set Up 20/21

It’s a new round of NetNarr for 2021. Are you ready to think about and be creative in digital media?

For students at Kean beng part of this class is setting up accounts on this blog as well as choosing or creating new new ones in twitter.

We[e/a]kly Message

Each week’s announcement/post here will start with a message done in a different format/mode/tool.

Ok, a video shot on a mobile device uploaded to YouTube is hardly novel. But an approach we encourage in NetNarr is also to use media differently from the norm, subvert the channel if you will, even in small ways.

Field Notes in the Net Mirror 21 Space

All Kean students will be set up with accounts on this course site where they will record their ideas, thoughts, reflections, dreams (why not?) as what we are calling “Field Notes.”

The course theme is about formulating what “Post Pandemic University” experience might be, but as you now, we are in the middle of it, not post. This means your experiences now are valuable as universities need to do more than pivot, but possible renivent themselves.

Tweeting #netnarr

We will use twitter in some activities and also to explore it’s benefits (and problems). If you have a twitter account, you are more than welcome to use it, but you may choose to create a new account. Consider carefully how you represent yourself; there is no need to use any identifying information in your NetNarr experiences.

Refer to our Labyrinthus guide to twitter used previously in this course as you consider how you will participate.

By next week we will ask that you share with the class your twitter name (we will consider alternative means of participation for those with situations/preferences to not be on twitter). How to share? Tweet now, say hello and include the #netnarr tag. Reply to someone else (and include the #netnarr tag).

Why all this tagging? For one, there is a single link that will show the latest activity. It’s always available under the Network menu item for this site (and you will see them as a widget on the front page).

But there is more- you can visualize the growth, the shape, the organism-like presence of our conversations in a more dynamic way.

Form This Way

Kean students can use our Connect to the Network form (requires a login to to share information needed to set up your blog account, and we ask as well your user names for twitter and

And then, you are ready to start your NetNarr journey.

Hello, Open Participants

This class exists in the open web and we encourage invite whatever level of participation you are interested in- be it following and tweeting via #netnarr maybe doing some of our digital media creativity. If you are of the noble blogging type (as are true digital alchemists) you can add your blog to the main NetNarr site where posts from here will flow too.

Something to Create Every Day

No this is not an assignment! Well, not this week. But this area will include ach week something to try, do, explore as an activity of digital expression. What you choose to do is up to you, but we will be asking each week’s Field Note to include some kind of digital media as a way of saying it in something other than words.

My approach to teaching digital media is to look, view before you reach for tools. We will be using during this course a source of small creative exercises that are published/tweeted every day as part of a digital storytelling course/community that has been around for 10 years (10 web years is like 90 human ones 😉

The way it works as that each day at 5:00am ET a new one is published to the web site but is also tweeted out by @ds106dc. If you follow that account on twitter, you will get notifications of each day’s small digital challenge. It provides a way to reply via twitter with a response, and if you use their hashtags, your response will show up on their site.

We are not asking you to do anything yet– but look at the site and the activity around it, see how others are making digital art in response. There is no right or wrong way to do a Daily Create- that is up to you.

In previous years we ran our own version as “DDAs” (which there remains an archive you can look at as well for understanding the act of small digital creations). But this year we will suggest mixing in with a larger group of digital alchemists at

First see how people choose to respond. Next week you get your chance to try.

Image Credit

Pixabay image by Tobias Wagner

By Prof Alan

An early 90s builder of the web and blogging, Alan Levine barks at on web storytelling, photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He has been a part of NetNarr since 2017.

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